Source code attached including ipaqkbmap which is a small application i used to determine the codes for the various keys Overall I’m pretty happy with this keyboard as a travel companion. I know, why don’t i just get a su-8w, it’s more compact, hid compliant etc etc. If it does actually work with the N, this is an exceptional deal. I am also having the bluetooth keyboard problem.

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Jun 29, 1: My biggest problem with the keyboard however is the left right up and down keys are very close to the ‘? Ask a question Reset. Hit OK Type that passcode on the keyboard.

I would easily forego the keypad to save on size and the fact that in general I don’t use one. Jun 29, 3: I also connected a standard Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to the Nokia without problems yeah Bluetooth standardization! I suspect the battery life will be very good but time will tell.

The General Topics: MSI BK – equip smartphone keyboard

It works directly with blackberrys, and wm devices. Thing is, it doesn’t have seperate number keys above the alpha, which is one of the things that was annoying me about the osk. I’ve just upgraded my phone to version Do you have any idea where I can found a driver for this keyboard and OS? Please follow the instruction for installation in the readme file.


As the iPod Touch is designed as a touch screen device there are quite a few things that must still depend on a finger on the screen and can not be accessed through the keyboard. That keyboard layout was a mess compared to this one.

OnePlus 6T mod lets you customize the bl100 scanner icon [Root] December 26, I had read both those threads and several more and they were quite inconclusive. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I realize that apple’s keyboard is by far the nicest, but it’s just a tad too long to fit comfortably in my purse, and I’d like to have something compact for travel.

,si hope this helps though. It is very easy to hit one of them. In spite of the shortcomings of folding keyboards and the few quirks of this one I do recommend it. Ok i give up! We are going to Paris for two weeks soon and my intention is to take only the iPod Touch and this keyboard rather than a laptop, The i-Connex will go into standby mode after 15 minutes of non use.


Desktops Speciality level out mwi ten: I’m typing on it right now on the PC.

E61i SU-8W keyboard driver version? MSI BK 100 keyboard?

First, N can find it by bluetooth hk100, but, when I start to sincronizy it, the N attempting a lot and finish with an error. Anybody noticed something like that? I’ll let you know once I’ve had a chance to try it. But then again the Matias is meant vk100 be transported. Has anyone any experience of using these? Full size excluding Function keysattached stand, but out of production and out of stock everywhere http: I hadn’t noticed that number before.

Bought a nokia su-8w, works lovely with theno problems at all. For me, the biggest drawback is that the Matias is so bk1100 when it’s folded. The little stand for the iPod is stored inside the keyboard in a slot which is pretty handy.

If you want to use is with the iphone you need iOS4.