The paper will feed into the printer. Place the paper lever in the position marked “TOP. Press TEAR consecutively until the emulation you wish to select prints in the right-hand column. The printhead gap is the distance between the printhead and the platen. Move the left tractor to align the edge of the paper with the appropriate reference mark O , and push back the lock lever. Be certain that your power source matches the rating listed on the back of the printer.

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Read Me First Before you can use your printer with software, you must enter the software and select the correct printer driver. Wymagany jest kabel ekranowany. If you are using an extension cable or power strip with the printer, make sure that the total of the amperes required by all the equipment on the extension is less than the extension’s rating. The printer does not function normally when you are following the operating instructions.

Your power outlet socket may not be the same as this illustration. Open the access cover and remove the printhead shipping retainer and the pull-up roller shipping retainer. The printhead gap is the distance between the printhead and the platen. Liquid has been spilled into the housing, or the printer has been exposed to water.


These are some of the things to look for: Ribbon shield Grip points Take-up knob Note: Ifyou have continuous-form paper in the path, press the PARK button to remove it before loading single sheets.

If you can not plug it in, chances are that you have an older, non-earthed outlet; contact an electrician to have it replaced with elson earthed outlet. Read Me First iii 4. Lower the paper separator into the continuous-forms position and swing the wire feed guide over onto the pull-up roller. If anything happens that indicates that your printer is not working properly or has been damaged, unplug it immediately and contact your dealer.

OKI ML3320eco [12/57] Connecting to your printer

Turn the printer off. Printer Drivers The drivers below are listed by decreasing compatibility with your printer: Save the shipping retainers and the packing material in case you ever need to ship the printer. Unpack the ribbon cartridge.

Epson is a registered trademark of Epson America, Inc. The paper feeds into the printer.

Epson ML / Operating instructions |

The printer has been dropped or its cabinet has been damaged. If you are not sure, check ml33220/1 your dealer or with your local power company. Connecting to the Computer Note: To switch from single-sheet feed to continuous forms: The outlet into which you plug your printer must remain easily accessible at all times.


To fit, carefully open your in-line filter and close it over the parallel interface cable, as close to the printer end connector as possible, ensuring that the filter snaps closed. Don’t exceed this unless you know that the power line your equipment is plugged into has a rating above 15 amperes.

Make sure both the printer and the computer are OFF. Press TEAR consecutively until the emulation you wish to select prints in the right-hand column. Make sure the wire feed guide O is in the paper separator. Move the paper lever to the position marked “TOP.

Do not make any adjustments other than those outlined in the handbook, you might cause damage requiring extensive repair work.

To change the setting, see the next column.

OKI ML3320 Help Manual: Selecting A Printer Driver

Turn the printer off, then press and hold LF while turning the printer on. Make sure the printer is on and deselected SEL light off.

To change to one of spson other emulations: