The comma-delimited field names that are used in the message tracking log files. General descriptions of the fields that are used to classify each message tracking event are explained in the following table. All approval requests sent to all moderators of a moderated recipient were undeliverable, and resulted in non-delivery reports also known as NDRs or bounce messages. A message submitted by the Pickup directory or the Replay directory that can’t be delivered or returned. The value is Message Tracking Log.

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Which Transport Rule Was Applied to an Email Message

The SUBMIT event is logged when the service has successfully notified a Hub Transport server that a message is awaiting submission in the mailbox store. The message was received from a server, a connector, or a gateway. These are used to track when Mailbox servers submit messages to Hub Transport servers. I’ve now got thousands of records that I can begin to filter and dissect in different ways without having to re-run my query. The possible values for this field are as follows: This state excyange the database from advancing, and logs from being copied.


Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts. Log files for messages sent from mailboxes by the Mailbox Transport Submission service. By continuing to use this website, you agree to ztoredriver use. Multiple e-mail addresses are separated by the semicolon character.

Exchange 2007 Message Tracking (Part 2)

These values are described in the Source values in the message tracking log section later in this topic. Paul, Thanks for a great article, and glad you are still active on it. This field contains additional information for specific types of events: Awesome resource, thanks a million!

The origination date-time is the time that the message first enters the Exchange organization. Hey Paul, when I am trying to search in all hubs at single shot, getting errora as exchange transport log search service at other hub servers are not running.

For all other types of events, the Reference field is blank. A shadow message failed ttracking be created. The tracking fields are different. Thank you for this useful information.

Message Tracking Event ids |

The direction rxchange the message. A message was redirected to an alternative recipient after an Active Directory directory service lookup. The administrator deleted an X. I followed your other article https: The event sequence number. Another way we could have approached this is to search the transport rules for those that match a criteria. Sometimes the anti-spam in the recipient domain will do some filtering. The message itself is a spam.


How to Track a Message via PowerShell effectively. A delivery receipt or an NDR was received from a gateway. Other messaging systems may use different syntax or values. I’ve got a weird problem.

I think it might be important in certain circumstances to know it. So, let’s storeddriver a closer look at that message tracking sokrce entry. Hi all, Do you guys know a powershell command to track a message from a specific sender?

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