After all that is done, install windows 7. I’m not sure if I dare to try the one’s from the link you gave us. Are both your firmware and drivers in English? This is my WindowsXP test with marvell driver version 1. Sat Mar 07, 5: Find all posts by Cypherdude. If you both say this it’s probably safe to try I guess.

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Latest Marvell 91xx Ahci/Raid Controller Drivers?

OEM for an easy integration removed: Sat Mar 14, It has nothing to do with your SSD or anything like that. This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum. There you go, Your speeds will now be optimized as fast as it will possibly go, You will never get a bluescreen, and you can use Marvell as much as you want to without any complications, marevll, or problems. There will now be 2 folders that you will see Driver and Install.

Marvell MV91xx AHCI/RAID Controller Driver Download

You are absolutely right – the typo was my bad. Aussie Allan A yoyo uses all three fundermental laws of phisics.


I’ve just downloaded the full package from Station-Drivers, ran setup. This is the way I did it: After the next reboot everything worked fine. Since I only have measured the performance and not the stability of the tested drivers, I cannot give any special recommendation.

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This is my WindowsXP test with marvell driver mwrvell 1. Have used them myself countless times with no problems Today I have totally revised the structure and some details of the start post.

Storage SSD – SATA Controllers – PCIe – Products – Marvell

I have to install these on my system. Originally Posted by BigRat Hey. Zitat von hcwuschel im Beitrag Maybe this different versions of drivers in the Station-Drivers-package are for different Windows versions?

The reason mentioned above will be used. Sat Apr 04, Also, my system has only one ASmedia Sata controller, which was using the driver version 2. I will follow ahci/rajd as soon as I have the needed time.

SATA Controllers

Update of the start post Changelog: Looking forward for ur install effects and hope that it would increse ur transwer rate. Happy Easter to you.


You will have to get access to their extranet, which is almost impossible. The Driver gave better smaller file results but no good for my setup. How did you get this driver installed? Tried the driver several days ago. Good general description Allan as you say without going into fine detail which can make it all the more complicated especially for people not already conversant with the specs and making everything harder to follow.

I didn’t care about this warning, installed the driver anyway, and ran immediately into a BSOD! FantoMax Show info Posts:. Hi guys I had always had trouble with Sata 3 Mavell controllers and I finally got to many harddrives so I had to finally start using it again. These were the tested AHCI drivers: