Yea I’m also having a problem with the signal going in and out about every minute or whenever I start downloading multiple files. Changed in linux Ubuntu: Scanning works perfectly but I cannot connect to any encrypted networks with network manager. Using the Windows Wireless Drivers utility, install the driver by selecting the. Ben Roob benjaminroob wrote on More posts Tcl 8.

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Retransmission” interestingly, no retransmission events occur when using wired connection. Do you know where is the file that would tell it my order of linmsys networks?

November 7, at 3: January 9, at This was the first time I’ve used terminal commands on this Mac. Since I am no expert on this hardware, I am not going to proceed further.

Bug # “Linksys By Cisco WUSBN v2 Doesn’t Work” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

wuwb600n One file is for the wireless result, the other is for the wired 1Gbps result The other possible issue I am seeing is with the data transfer rate. Unless someone turns it into a DKMS module I’m looking for a new Wireless adapter to get me wusb6000n. Is there an even more dumbed down version you can explain to me?


Hi, I have tried to do the above as Yohann described. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

So apparently the fix to get it supported isn’t as simple as adding that one line.

How to install the Ralink driver for the WUSB600N?

Without it, this process did not work at all. I’m wondering if there’s something in some of the drivers that upsets the hardware or my one is rapink.

Why can’t I get it to work on my Mac?

This issue is fixed for Ubuntu Not sure how much code rt2x00 shares with rtsta if anybut hopefully this project will pick up support for Got it working on an iBook G4. Linux users should probably be wary of buying either of these until the driver issue is resolved.

I just finally completed an update to ISO images are available from http: BTW does anyone have any feedback on my observations about slow transfer rate and ‘TCP Retransmission’ causing audio played over the wireless network to glitch? NetworkManager can use them; WPA2 works without a custom supplicant; linlsys proprietary daemons; etc.


Posted October 18, Or wifi still not working?

How do I go about copying the file? I’ve just tried with the 3. November 7, at 9: We need the support of the companies wisb600n these chips. I think a re-do will be necessary with any kernel or release upgrade. I have just now update to the 3. Penalver penalvch wrote on Simply double clicking the exe file and picking either driver only or the driver and Ralink wlan utility do not work for me. I configured it, and it connected. September 13, at 2: