Join Date Jun Beans This hardware and software-based solution not only protects your data against unauthorized access and copying, it ensures maximum reliability through a redundancy-based defect management system. More importantly, none of the sectors on the disc were unreadable. This one has been doing well right from the start. Can both devices be detected by the bios during bootup?

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And I experience the same thing with MediBuntu. When it came to media compatibility, the GH22LP20 gave us some mixed results. SecurDisc also increases reliability through a redundancy-based defect management system. In our tests, it reached firmwware maximum speed of only 6x when reading both single and dual layer discs.

You can download the latest version of the software from Nero’s website. It started reading at about Most major software companies have pledged support for the technology.

COM website, please follow below instructions. Where to Buy Where to Buy. I have also disassembled the drive, cleaned the lens idea is that much tinier DVD frequency laser is much more susceptible to dust on the lens.


While the drive wrote tomost of our test media at dfd rated speed or better, only four types worked at 20x. For this test I made a copy of a pressed test CD. This is solely internal drive problem.

LG GH22LP20 Firmware Driver – TechSpot

I have another machine with Pioneer drive, that works flawlessly. Images for reference only. When og comes to features, LG’s new drive definitely delivers. Does LG’s new drive have what it takes? Nevertheless, the GH22LP20’s seek times were pretty good.

Once added to your production, you can use the built-in editor to trim, merge or split your video clips. However, when scanned by the DW, the PIF rate was a bit high throughout the second half of the disc. To test rewrite scores, Nero is used again to time how long it takes to write MB of random files and directories. The instructions cover all the basics including how to set the jumpers, install the drive into an empty drive bay and hook up the cables.

Simply choose a support option from the icons below: LG’s new drive handled scratched discs relatively well. Next to the jumper block is the analog audio connector.


It fires off eight different applications using scripts. Take a look below.

GH22LP20 Support

For most people, the “Quick Set-Up Guide” will be all they’ll need to get the drive up and running. Fast, quiet, and so far error free writing of DVD’s both single and cirmware layered.

Once you’ve provided the necessary information, Nero will burn the data to disc. The guide also contains a set of instructions that take you step by step through gh22llp20 installation process. Exact Audio Copy can tell us a lot about a drive’s capabilities.

Once you reboot, you’ll be ready to start burning your own discs.

Ifrmware looking at the screenshot, you can see that the GH22LP20 considered only If you do not have a key, Nero Express can generate one for you.