Many factors such as page description language, graphic content and intensity, the type of print server card being used, and the presence of forms overlay to name a few, along with the numerous possible settings that can exist for each element within the printing system, can all affect the throughput of the printer on a job to job basis. Page 73 Position – Angle Control the lean angle of the watermark by sliding this control back and forth or by typing a number in the text value box from 0 degrees to degrees. Select a frame type manually. The data value of 0 indicates that this LPR port uses ports , which is the default. Press the OFF button once.

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Installation Of The Printer Driver When installing the printer driver, a screen may appear that asks the user to select whether the printer driver file file to be copied or a new file that exists in the computer is to pccl used. To recover the system, perform the following: Corrupt printer driver on the server.

Apply power to the IP controller and wait approximately 2 minutes. You can select any eight-digit number for user ID. Power the printer OFF using the main power switch located on the rear left side of the main body.


Windows 95 Microsoft Windows Remove any additional memory modules, which have been installed on the IP unit. Regist Summary of the content on the page No.

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Most applications have a ‘print to file’ option. This is the navigation link for moving toward in this page.

Drivers Print Processors 7. When the Page Setup window opens, click on the Paper Source tab.

Konica Minolta IP-511 Manuals

Solution AIX installation instructions. Select OK to print the document. Specifically, we recommend the following.

At this point a message will be indicated, NIC Parameters is changedPress yes, and then i; sysadm for the password and press OK to accept the change. Click on the “Setup” button. Start Scantrip for the Macintosh for the first time and the program registration screen is displayed.

Verify that ‘Restart Printserver after download’ is checked and click on the ‘OK’ button.

Universal Print Driver For Administrator | KONICA MINOLTA

Connect to the device via PrintGuide by double clicking the detected device in monica upper pane. The controller will initiate a batch file that reloads system code. If the setting is performed correctly, the Update Successful page opens.

In other words, one can print to the HP using the Konica driver or vice versa. The IP contains an image of the system code on a separate partition of the hard drive.


With this entry, LPR is no longer restricted to only using the 11 TCP Ports through and will not conflict with reserved ports, even on very busy print lp. Solution A maximum of 12 FTP addresses can be programmed and used providing the latest firmware and software is installed. This procedure would not create koniica recovery backup that could be used to restore the system partition.

Depending on the laptop OS, the retrieved file will, by default, be copied to the root of the C: After each install, wait for the print server to become ready before sending the next microcode.

Notation of the reference in this manual is written within quotation marks e. An estimate would be provided as to the time involved for testing and feedback on the results. QUIT Bye bye Konica Minolta does not support the USB adapter cable or make any recommendation as to the purchase.

September 4 IP 5.