Because each song is stored digitally, it is possible to modify various aspects during playback, such as adjusting the tempo without changing the pitch, or selecting different sound types and effects settings. In total sounds plus 9 Drum Kits , GM 2 compatible. In this mode, the CN41 piano can play different musical parts with different sounds for each part. Optional, but would be nice. We are proud to announce the K ATX3, the next generation AnyTime silent piano — the piano you can play anytime and anywhere without disturbing anyone.

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Now a new generation of pianists can learn using this proven method, but with a new practice partner — the Kawai digital piano. The selected channel will function as both the transmit and receive channel. Fretless Bass 0,88 MB. Kawai has earned a reputation for outstanding quality and workmanship in the crafting of world-class musical devixe. String Pad 1,08 MB.

Software Updates | Support | Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Declaration Of Conformity Model Name: It may be necessary to tilt the unit by 90 degrees while assembling the CN41 piano. The currently selected song and parts will be shown in the LCD display, and the CN41 piano is ready to playback the song.


There will be a one bar count-in before the song starts to play. Our skillful blending of traditional piano craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology and materials has brought about the finest selection of award-winning grand, upright, digital and professional stage pianos available today.

Concert Grand 3,18 MB. Leave a Comment Please note: Nc41, KAWAI have devised a method of playing the keyboard that is very simple, without even needing to strike the right keys. Many pianists wish it were quite that straightforward.

Kawai CN41 Digital Piano

However, the CN41 piano records songs as digital data, kawaui of audio data – storing the music inside the instrument. Your comment will NOT appear straight away. This CN41 piano features two separate groups of effects.

For example, a piano can be layered with strings, or a church organ with a choir sound. Full Ensemble 0,92 MB. In total sounds plus 9 Drum KitsGM 2 compatible. Any changes made to the sound while recording will also be kwaaii. The currently selected time signature or rhythm will be shown in the LCD display. Step1 Move the balance slider to the right or left to adjust the volume balance. The chair must be used properly it must be used only when playing the product. Part Names And Functions Page 1.


Harmonic Imaging faithfully reproduces the rich dynamic range of the original piano, from delicate pianissimos to thunderous fortissimos.

For example a more solid key lid and thicker backboard.

Page of 80 Go. Scars on kawaiii, a quintet from Leeds, England, combines the gentle melodic intensity of Snow Patrol or Keane with the added allure of co-ed vocals. Mellow Grand 2,60 MB.

Piano 2 1,24 MB. Kwaaii band consists of Matthew Bellamy on lead vocals, piano, keyboard and guitar, Chris Wolstenholme on backing vocals and bass guitar, and Dominic Howard on drums. Got it, continue to print. Unfortunately, the CN41 developed the same error and I eventually requested a refund from the retailer November Each uses a special cable with a DIN connector.