I tested the solution from DvanW and I can say that it really works! Unfortunately the new hardware wizard cant find the driver for the coprocessor and when i go to the device manager there is a little yellow exclamation mark by the coprocessor. Thanks for all your hard work though. That’s the driver being installed for that device. Is there anything else I can provide that might be useful?

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HP Pavilion la Specs: So again, what’s the point?? I ran 32 bit for so long, I almost forgot about the 4th Gig until I installed bit. You should see a pplatinum reliability history” link.

I’ve pre-ordered a copy of Windows 7 so I’ll be running with a released version soon.

I am sorry I don’t follow. Tried it a 2n time after I deleted the value and another reboot but still ended up with mb. OCZ had y could be sure that the replacements matched exactly. Nvidia chipset AR driver ver. I doubt it has paltinum to do with win 7, i’ve it install on both of my rig and both is detected without the aid of any drivers CD.

Coprkcessor tried to copy the file back to a different folder to find Win7 “locked up” about MB in. Saved my butt several times already. Or something like that.


K9N2 SLI PLATINUM Coprocessor Driver – MSI Motherboard ATX

Mark, Interestingly enough, I tried another test to reproduce the BSOD error to provide you with info and as I am writing this, I am copying a 15gb folder and have had a very coproccessor transfer speed of There is no BIOS magic. Sorry if I sounded rude, just wanted to know beforehand.

I get error code 19 when I coprofessor in my device chipset drivers. I don’t know, just very odd. I hate the 3 decimal places because the number still seems very large. Looks like it pulled out of the cpu socket, It happened to me also, I use a small blade to VERY CAREFULLY pry the 2 apart, also it looks like no bent pins, if so i also had to straighten them very carefully also, Does the cpu socket look good, If all is good then clean the thermal paste off and reapply and re-install everything, make sure the cpu fan works well also.

It definitely appears as though it’s chipset based. Thank you so much! Mark, I believe my issue is related to the others here.


Dec 21, Messages: I’ll go get that reported right now. I see you have the same graphics card as I do. It happens every time, guaranteed. I started getting freeze-ups again just running everyday, normal tasks like opening more than a couple tabs in either firefox or IE8, just very bizarre so I went back to the HP site and re-installed the old driver. At least most of the time. I started again it started fine.

MSI K9N2 Sli Platinum. Red light flashing, but works fine.

Are you certain the 4gb to 3gb truncate works? I just carefully pried it off. It will cause no harm to your computer.

Aren’t most of the drivers you need already included with Win7? This made no sense to me as the drivers for the USB seem to be virtually the same as for Vista with platinhm same Vista release date. After installing the new drivers from Nvidia I think the problem was solved.