There are several variants by the same name. At this stage, AfaTech will not release full specifications, and so these cards are likely to remain unsupported. Just click on the edit icon in the last column of the device’s row. The original driver seems to not cope well with the usb device removal, though the playback worked. The following list of devices will have to be organized into a table. Supported in kernel since 2. Follow the steps in the link to run older programs in compatibility mode.

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If the manufacturer would stop to support the drivers, the userspace driver may still continue to work with newer Linux systems Disadvantages: The first revision of this device is EOL but still supported, all hardware Features are supported by Sundtek’s 3rd party userspace driver. Keep in mind however that if the license isn’t compatible with the Linux kernel or the quality of the code isn’t good enough, these will not become a part of the Linux kernel.

It has an em and a xc tuner.


Intuix 2GB C150 USB Stick Flash Drive

Chipset info at http: It’s possible your device will work. USB ID is 13d3: JRRobb Created on January 26, The hardware internals list may not be correct – the original driver from avermedia contains references to AF and mxl t.

Retrieved from ” https: Using the driver at Zazz it is sufficient to unzip then within the directory sudo sh.

The following drivers are needed for these devices:. The newer driver http: Support for new tuner TDA [47] is working with 2.

Mobile TV Viewer DVB-T2 + DVB-T – Tools for Digital TV and Mobile DTV

EC is supported only for usb ID 18b4: I get no help from Intuix. Fully works sub the correct drivers are used. The chip vendor Uli [] refuses to open all relevant information.

Cyber Monday Newegg: The diversity feature is not supported yet. Eventually this page will become organized, but for now, you’ll have to bear the mess Azeez Nadeem – Microsoft Support. We tried to get information about the usb hsb at Twinhan, but there was none avaiable.

drivers Intuix S S S

If the manufacturer provides open source drivers with an acceptable license, volunteers could technically implement this code in the Linux kernel for true support.


Thanks for marking this as the answer. Please don’t add your device here but try to add it to the table above.

For example AMD series chipsets e. And please add details so that the device can be added to the big table above.

Please feel free to create a device specific page if there is enough worthwhile information that doesn’t fit in the comments field. Many of the devices on this page need a firmware, the best source for firmwares is OpenELEC dvb-firmware repository. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

INTUIX DVBT USB TV Tuner Dongle 825

Intui be aware that: This site in other languages x. Remote control not tested. The following list of devices will have to be organized into a table.

It “kind of works” for me with the older driver http: There is a DVB-T-only box: