And proper timestamps allowing VFR, and easy muxing, e. Select all Making all in rds make[3]: Official V4L2 driver Tue Dec 03, Provided it works properly. Please direct all questions to the forum, I do not do support via PM.

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Is that level of control possible through v4l2-ctl or other interface? Select all sudo apt-get install v4l-utils. Official V4L2 driver Tue Dec 03, Select all sudo apt-get remove libi2c-dev.

The apt-get version of motion Version 3. First thing I had to do was Code: Why does it say “Authored 10 months ago” on GitHub?


Inappropriate ioctl for device Unable to enumerate frame sizes. If so, an example of the command would be great.

Official V4L2 driver Tue Dec 03, 4: Video Capture Pixel Format: Select all checking for gawk That was never possible with the RPi-specific motion-mmal program which I found was limited to a much lower frame rate even at very low resolutions. Is there another file I’m missing? Select all sudo apt-get install edvice gettext libtool libjpegdev cd v4l-utils autoreconf -vfi.


I’ve been waiting for this. Mon Dec 02, Skip forward to the modprobe line.

uv4l-raspicam – (advanced) Projects

I wonder if they sorted out full-frame video. Last edited by jbeale on Mon Dec 02, 9: Then I installed ‘gettext’ and that fixed the problem. Most software on Linux requires video4linux drivers.

Might be worth running: Board index All times are UTC. My Apple LCD at work has these: Select all sudo apt-get install autoconf.

The ‘autoconf -vfi’ step failed and. i2v

Please direct all questions emmboss the forum, I do not do support via PM. The raspicam and raspistill applications have a lot of control over camera parameters like ISO, shutter speed, etc. Inappropriate ioctl for device [1] Could not fetch initial image from camera.

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Official V4L2 driver Mon Dec 02, 8: Do you get the same undefined macro: And you also need jpeglib. Select all libtoolize –force. So the whole sequence should be: Last edited by jbeale on Tue Dec 03, 1: