Hi Honda08, The Huawei modems have been sold unlocked for every version past the E the very first unit. Existing Members Log in. Ericsson Fg Mobile Broadband Minicard. Modem is also network-locked. In Lucid, shows up in NetworkManager 0. The conditions and amount vary per carrier.

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You will find information relevant for various Releases of Ubuntu, not only Intrepid. The k is covered by them just recently. Getting Bluetooth working required blueman-manager from blueman package. To work with full bandwidth requires the command: Originally posted by Amalgam The dashboard seems to be tailored for Vodafone, I haven’t been able to Google non Vodafone dashboard updates.

Detected out of the box with 9. After following tweaks in “Notes” to get device recognized, Network Manager wizard was able to connect up flawlessly in 9. Network Manager does not work.

Works out of the box in Maverick tested with kernel 2.

3G/4G USB Modem Compatibility List for TL-MR – TP-Link

I forgot to say, DC Unlocker will also show you if the modem is locked or not. APN depends on contract: Originally posted by Amalgam The modems are probably subsidised by your carrier, a set amount of money huxwei need to be spent on access services, before you, as a customer, will be eligible for an unlock. Works in Karmic but not Jaunty.


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how to unlock k3765 modem?

I’ve used them a few times with no issue. Works with usb-modeswitch, summary: If you have trouble switching, so that the ports show, just eject the “CD” drive that mounts. Easy to unlock and use a neutral dahsboard. If you discover you need provider information from here or elsewhere, please file a bug against the mobile-broadband-provider-info package so we can improve the experience for all users to a level where all providers Just Work out of the box.

Adding this information – particularly the capabilities string and the real manufacturer – to the “Notes” section of the entry for your device would be helpful. Using Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8. APN is dependant on contract.

One click and you’re done. Sometimes you have to wait 10 mins for Gnome to give up trying to automount before Eject will be allowed.

Ericsson Fg Mobile Broadband Minicard.


how to unlock k modem? –

The dashboard seems to be tailored for Vodafone, I haven’t been able to Google non Vodafone dashboard updates. Mobile Broadband cards For mobile phones, see the next section. Identified as Huawei E same vendor and product-id.

Will become to work in 9. All now working with network-manager. In Lucid, NetworkManager does not see the device after switching.

In Maverick and Natty, after switching, follow the New Connection wizard and you’ll be ok. Some carriers will make it as difficult as possible, if not impossible, for you to unlock a modem through them.

Details will be listed as follows. You shouldn’t have any issues connecting after you’ve changed APNs etc.

Provider info Information needed to get online with certain providers. Stay up to date with what’s happening!