Otherwise you can press escape to exit the menu. Now, just having a single configuration that works, I have a way forward, however buying a whole bunch of small old model Samsung SSD doesn’t seem the -ideal- solution. False Primary Boot Volume: Select the drives that you would like to include in the array. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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Maintaining it and maximizing its potential helps a business stay competitive, Now I think I need the help of someone who actually knows hardware. WD RED are awfully slow At this point, after googling numerous articles about HP fan noise, I was getting worried.

HP P410/P410i Array Configuration Guide

Steve Bonds 1 Being a small company, we have scanty budget, but also flexibility. Disabled Surface Analysis Inconsistency Notification: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

I’m not an experienced hardware guy FYI, but I’ve spent p4100 week of late nights googling and experimenting to get to here. They each came with 4 x 2.


HP P/Pi Array Configuration Guide | TechMikeNY

I did look for some sort of official compatibility list, but given the age of my gear. Liked what you read? In bay systems there is usually a P along with a Pi controller. If you do not press any key, you will be given a chance to run the Option ROM Configuration for another controller.

HP Smart Array P410

You h; be returned to the main menu. Even with the physical block size change, it operates fine for bulk storage. Select the option to create a logical drive.

Dell R Compact 1U rack server. As expected for the lower rotational speed, the WD Reds operate more slowly. SATA drives will downshift speed to 3.

Looking to upgrade your RAID? None Logical Drive Label: Select the drives that you would like to include in the array.

ph True Current Temperature C: None And here’s the WD red physical drive details: Not just spinning up and booting, but also being happily monitored by p140 system with or without needing drivers. You don’t have to pay retail.


Otherwise you can press escape to exit the menu. I had the opportunity to test these same WD reds on a different controller firmware revision and they worked fine there too: After entering the HP array configuration utility you will be greeted with the main menu for the controller. Once you have set your array configuration you should press enter to save the configuration.

I took out the hitachi’s and plugged in a Samsung evo GB.

Medium Surface Scan Delay: Unsupported RAID levels will be disabled. The physical drive details np also similar– here’s the detail from an HP drive: Sign up using Email and Password.