Windows Basics To move a file or folder to another folder: Benefits of networking Sharing peripheral devices Each computer that is connected to the network can share the same peripheral Networking Your Computer Equipment you need for an access point wireless Ethernet network For an access point wireless Troubleshooting 3 Make sure that all settings are correct. Canceling a fax Canceling a fax You can cancel a fax that you have set up to send at Changing power settings 3 Click the Hibernate tab. Adjusting the screen and desktop settings 5 If you want the picture you chose to cover the entire screen,

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Maintaining Your Computer Creating an emergency startup diskette An emergency startup diskette is a diskette that contains critical Auvio Recorder window opens. Identifying window items Window item Description Clicking the close button closes the active window or program. Using Multimedia To create rip MP3 files: Adjusting the volume 5 Drag the volume level and balance sliders for the device you want to adjust.

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Customizing Your Computer 4 Click the arrow button to open the Screen Saver list, then click the screen Safety, Regulatory, and Legal 600yg Warning Every country has different restrictions on the use of wireless devices.

Customizing Your Computer Adjusting the screen resolution You can increase the screen resolution to fit more icons on Using Multimedia www. Upgrading Your Notebook 6 Loosen the memory bay cover screw, then remove the memory bay cover.


Managing Power 5 Slide the battery release latch. Updating device drivers Updating device 600ggr The Restoration CDs contain a device driver update utility that works over the Networking Your Computer Selecting a network connection The biggest decision you need to make when creating your network Maintaining Your Computer To remove a virus: The Preparing the Cover Managing Power Changing power settings You can change the function of the power button, Standby system key, and Contents 1 Checking Gatwway Your Gateway Customizing Your Computer 3 Click the Background tab.

Windows Basics Working with files and folders You can 600ygrr your files and programs to suit your preferences Windows Basics Saving a document After you create a document, you need to save it if you zudio Windows Basics Printing a document To print a document, you must have a printer connected to your computer Reinstalling Windows 7 When prompted, press any key to continue.

Maintaining Your Computer To clean your trackball mouse: Adjusting the screen and desktop settings To change desktop colors in Windows Networking Your Computer Equipment you need for a peer-to-peer wireless Ethernet network For a peer-to-peer wireless Ethernet network Cleaning your computer Cleaning the keyboard You should clean the keyboard occasionally by using an aerosol can of air Using the desktop Using audii desktop The desktop contains the taskbar, the Start button, and the Recycle Bin icon Sending and Receiving Faxes 7 Microsoft Fax lets you gateeay and receive faxes using the modem.


Troubleshooting You can check modem connection speeds and dial-up network DUN connections by accessing the gateway.

Managing hard drive space Defragmenting the hard drive When working with files, sometimes Windows divides the file information into Windows Basics 70 www. Maintaining Your Computer Protecting your computer from viruses A virus is a program that attaches itself to a Setting up an Internet account If you want to access the Internet you need: Networking Your Computer Equipment you need for an access point wireless Ethernet network For an access point wireless Using the World Wide Web Downloading files Downloading is the process of transferring files from a computer on the HelpSpot HelpSpot videos HelpSpot contains several short videos to help introduce you to new concepts or show you how