See our newsletter archive for past announcements. We will use ‘global hot spare’ here. To make life easier, the controller gives you the option of performing an ” Automatic Configuration “, but we’re control freaks. Here, we see a list of drives, with the top two listed as ” UG ” Unconfigured, Good. This page was last modified on 5 June , at As host of the pfSense open source firewall project, Netgate believes in enhancing network connectivity that maintains both security and privacy.

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Is there any change in 2. See our newsletter archive for past announcements. This is because, after the initial initialization is complete, a full background initialization is performed. We will use ‘global hot spare’ here. Sorry for not able to answer hardware question. If, like us, you are going to have hot-spare drives, do not select them here!

This is not designed to be an mfgaraid tutorial.

Shortly after returning to the main menu, a window will pop up telling you that the initialization has completed.

We need to first create a ” Drive group “, which is the set of drives we want to assemble into an array.

Your browser does not seem fujisu support JavaScript. Do note that the ‘ Operation: Any questions, feedback, advice, complaints or meanderings are welcome. Chances are it will be more compatible and you can reuse the card and drives elsewhere since having fast disks is of no use at all to PFsense. Retrieved from ” https: Now all the drives will be shown in the right-side ” Drive Groups ” window.


PfSense on Fujitsu Primergy RXS6 with LSI Mega Raid 6G SAS | Netgate Forum

Next, click on the ” Update Size ” button and the controller will automatically fill out the ” Select Size ” text fujktsu. Feel free to use a ‘ Name ‘ if you like. Please adapt as necessary. That’s only 12 days old so quite whether all those are supported in 2. You will also note that the drives will have their activity LEDs blink for some time.

Your array will almost certainly be different, but the general look will be the same. Press ‘ ‘ to select and unselect each drive, and the ‘ ‘ up and ‘ ‘ down keys to navigate the available disks.

MegaRAID SASCV-8e SAS RAID 5/6 controller – Fujitsu Technology Solutions

Never one to miss an opportunity to ask a question; We’re asked if we want to save the configuration. If this was a single-server setup, that would be mdgaraid sensible. We could have allocated a hot-spare during the assembly of the array above, but in my case, I want two hot spares. We don’t need a combined array, so we will create a “SPAN” of just the one array.


We have a Flash Backup module on our controller that allows us to safely use write-back caching. Subscribe to our Newsletter Product information, software announcements, and special offers.

SAS RAID 0/1 controller (based on LSI 1064e)

Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. So i am forced to run pfsense on vmware esx. To create a drive group, click on the first drive in the list ” Slot: Funitsu not use anything here unless you are willing fujitsi able to take responsibility for your own actions. This is a new array and there is no existing configuration, so both ” New Configuration ” and ” Add Configuration ” will do the same thing.

We’re building a new array, so in our case and most ofteninitialization is desired. We’re going to use all disks to create a single RAID level 5 array.