To put it down simply, whether you like Gran Turismo, Forza, iRacing, F1 or any other racing simulator with a shred of realism, this fantastic wheel has you covered above and beyond the call of duty. The wheel and pedals have turned up to today a bit bust up and with no cables. The pedal adapter that came with the wheel worked flawlessly though. Sorry just looked at the link and that says it will work with what I’ve got. XBOX Controller style layout and labeling Take an Xbox controller as an example.

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Blue Just get it on PC, more wheel variety and your trusty csr will work without the need for gimmicky devices. The suite of on-the-fly settings is definitely complete, letting you skip the middleman represented by the menus of the games.

The paddle shifters on this wheel are one of its stronger points. Despite their plastic foundations, both sticks and the paddles held their own even if we fanatef to be heavy-handed when quickly downshifting.

The combination of the alcantara and the soft grip moulding really work and the shape of the grip is super comfortable for long stints. At this point I didn’t even have an xbox so I’ve bought one and and Forza 4.

Hello, It must be Fanatec produced, to work proper. Only the shifters leave me a little cold, as their design is really simple, while this is more of a matter of taste, as some may enjoy the essential and solid nature of their build.


Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Together with the metal plate and the six big screws that hold it in place, this use of four different materials in a carefully designed pattern gives the wheel an essential but composite and aggressive look that really resembles that of a real racing wheel.

Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR wheel and Elite pedals review

Just get it on PC, more wheel variety and your trusty csr will work without the need for gimmicky devices Youtube: This isn’t really bad, i’m just surprised i’m the only one talking about it They also produce an audible mechanical click when operated like the paddle shifters, with the ccsr pleasing effect.

To put it down simply the force feedback of the CSR wheel is one of the nearest things I ever experienced to the sensations given by a real car.

This does mean fabatec if you are correct on the Clubsport being the official supported wheel, that there isn’t much we can do to get the CSR up and running, as opposed to what you already tried. The rim itself is made mostly of hard plastic, with the 3 and 9 points wrapped in rubber and Alcantara, and the flat six point covered in rubber only. It details how you can map different keys etc.

Solved: [PC] Fanatec CSR Issues – Answer HQ

Inside of each box we found a variety of cables, screws and each unit itself, but needed to supply our own hex wrenches and a drill for installation. Both have a similar base with the same glossy plastic as the wheel, while the hand-grips are fashioned completely from metal. Overall score out of 5 5. Surface Studio 2 review: Got it up and running Yeah; I’ve been there. The name will prove familiar to those like me that like to dabble with RC cars.


Fanatec CSR

I don’t have a wheel myself to test this, but what I could do was go in-game to double-check the name of the wheel against the one on our supported list.

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The functionality on a keyboard the functions would be on the Page Up and Page Down keys is default mapped to buttons on my wheel that don’t exist. Can someone who has actually used the Cronusmax answer the question?

Review: Fanatec CSR Wheel, CSR Elite Pedals and CSR Shifter Set

It was listed as having native support. From the rear, the CSR wheel appears strikingly similar to Fanatec’s GT2, and that’s because they’re more or less built from the same foundation. They work fine for me. Steering movements are fluid and responsive, being swift to react in turns with nary a bit of lag fanattec spinning through its degrees of rotation.

Fanatec thankfully offers some consolation for the problem this time around with a button combo that’ll have the fans remain off until the wheel determines it needs cooling. Used exclusively with PC. It seems that this was an unfortunate typo from fanztec end.