I would have sent this message then but my internet connection was gone! As far as I have been able to find out this is to do with shared memory and I have read that this is disabled as it is considered a security risk in Ubuntu. Ultra Male Dec 17, None of the suggestions made any difference. Tue Jul 07, 6: Please file a separate bug about that, against the ‘linux’ package.

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Intel Compal* CELGM1 drivers

Washko dann wrote on If the pointer is at the bottom of the screen and I want it at the top I have to run my finger from the bottom to the top of the touchpad twice to get it there. At this rate i expect I will go back to 8. I would have sent this message then but my internet connection was gone! GSynaptics is used to configure ‘synaptics’ touchpads there are also qsynaptics and ksynaptics which do a similar job. At present I am preparing a web page comal show my experience with this laptop, compsl details of how with the help of others how any problems have been overcome.


At present the problem with key bounce does seem to have cleared up. If this one is closed, I will start the search for or create a new ticket for the problem. This bug affects 27 people.

Intel Compal* FL90 Drivers

Wed Jul 08, 8: Ricardo’s fix got the touchpad working for me Lenovo ThinkPad Rbut edge-scrolling was disabled. Using Mint 8 Karmic. Adding extended input device “Macintosh mouse button emulation” type: I have a question. Simon simon-senica wrote on I have also emailed MSI to see if they can apply some pressure to elantech or do something themselves.

I also seem to be getting key bounce since the change to 8. At least the touchpad is eantech usable so that is great. Printing DDC gathered Modelines: And sudo tpconfig -i reports: Not much left to do.

Steve Conklin sconklin on This worked for me to correct mouse failure after first click with a U Wind and both 9. Probably just including Elantech and Synaptics would fix most configs though. I have only been using the live cd to test it.


Gentoo Forums :: View topic – elantech touchpad uses evdev instead of synaptics

I’m using a btw for elamtech who don’t know. Please file a separate bug about that, against the ‘linux’ package. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Your name or email address: Tue Jul 07, 6: Having found out that HAL is now used to configure the touchpad I decided I would see what was needed to configure it.

So I guess this bug should, more accurately, be that we need to update the synaptics driver.

I have tried this with the alpha3 of Jaunty – live and it does seem to work. Changed in xserver-xorg-input-evdev Ubuntu Hardy: AT Translated Set 2 keyboard: Elabtech DDC gathered Modelines: I managed to force detection of the touchpad by commenting out the magic knock code in the elantech.