What happens when you run the code from the IDE? The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: Good luck I are Troll. I’ll give this a try on another computer, without PowerISO. Therefore we need to implement the GetFileInformation-Methode. Download and install this:

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Is this library supported for Win So everything is in one class.

Do it yourself filesystem with Dokan – CraftCode Crew

What happens when you run the code from the IDE? Hope it works I are Troll.

Do you think there might be a conflict with PowerISO? E ddy Vluggen Oct 9: E ddy Vluggen Software Developer Currently none.

Dokan Library

One the program starts you will see something like this: To do this you need meet these requirements: Yes, commits of fix, improvement stability and features! Without this, the RAM-disks’ maximum size would only be restricted by the amount of available virtual memory.

Same question; did you get an error-message? So take a look at the picture below.


Dokan.Mem, A filesystem Prototype

Depending on the FileModewe create or open an existing or a non-existing file:. By your logic, you must have been using those for quite some time. Mem The RAM-Disk also shows the console-window, but you easily disable it by changing the output-type of the project to “Windows Application”. The title concisely explains why I am using Linux. Storage is cheap enough nowadays that just about every computer should have some form of raid 1 or alternatively a NAS with raid 1 along with at least 1 or 2 offline backups.

You can get the latest Version here.

If the original examples work, then I must have broken something, somewhere I are Troll. After this I have tried to run as an administrator, of course, filesytem all the executable files in the DokanLibrary folder. In case of a read operation, the context is a stream where the data is located. In practice, the RAM-disk tends to push all other running applications into the swapfile, creating an even larger delay.


Dokan Library – Wikipedia

IIRC, the latest version also won’t work for debugging at least until you set windows into “test” mode. If yes how can I fix this issue. If I set it to NetworkDrive it doesn’t do anything at all E ddy Vluggen Oct 8: And as you might already guess: There’s three projects in the solution: It is really as simple as this.

I’m a Delphi-convert, mostly into WinForms and C. If you do not have Net Framework 4 installed you can get it from here.

It makes your data instantaneous available for other applications, without the need for a complicated UI. A week has passed and its time for a new Blogpost. Filesysttem assigned drive letter is free, that’s not the problem.