The PC Suite window will also reflect that your phone is connected. March 12, , 8: That does look like a good deal if you live in the UK. You should try the same order too. Now probe each of the phone connectors pins with the red probe until your meter beeps. In my case my RXD line had less than a volt going to the multimeter or a bad connection. I read the thread and it appears you discovered the problem was caused by a USB extension cable.

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Too often there are just a bunch of out of focus smears none of which demonstrate what is being shown. The cost is a bit high and shipping takes time, and most importantly it’s no fun compared to making your own. If you want to do serial communication with the Xku you need to put code on it to do so.

DIY USB to Serial Cable For $3! | Jonathan Thomson’s web journal

Currently the problem is i am getting garbage values in the serial communication as ptolific above… sending 10xM to arduino, the result is few M display on LCD and other become garbage characters… why? RS uses a negative voltage for a logical 1 and a positive voltage for a logical 0. There is a nice tutorial here: Unfortunately i have no good experience with cheap chinese DKU-5 but i have found Rpolific cable the best for me… It has only three wires. Make sure the cable is unplugged!


However, mine only has 4 wires, and they connect to instead of 4 Check out his blog too, proljfic posts some cool […]. You trace the wire back to the chip and check against the chip’s datasheet or Google for relevant sources.


I wish they could do bitbang. The LED should blink a couple times.

The ‘Get Connected Wizard’ will open. What a heart breaker! You will get a pop-up bubble in your system tray saying that new hardware has been found USB-Serial Controller.

DriverMax – Ports – DKU-5 – DKU-5 Computer Driver Updates

So uncheck everything except ‘Serial cable’ With ‘Serial cable’ highlighted, click the ‘Configure’ button or just double click ‘Serial cable’. I used screen as my serial communications program.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. A USB to Serial driver. Does any one have an idea if there is a data cable that uses 5V for the Rx and Tx pins?

Prolific USB Data Cable Free Driver Download

I think you can be fairly confident the pad labeled 2 is indeed DTR. Any chance you could send the driver to me prolufic post it somewhere? I regularly use Nokia PC Suite to save my SMS’ and to backup other data off my phone using a DKU-5 cable but the first time I had to dkuu it up, I spend quite a frustrated hour trying to figure out how to get it to work.


You’ll get a screen asking you to wait while the installation prepares itself. The most popular seems to be Prolific’s and that’s the one I use and the one that the tutorial is based prolifoc. April 27,7: I have attcah the resistors 1K, 10K and 15K as per your scheme.

We need to identify which pin is RX, TX, 3. Try it on another computer and with another phone to make sure there pprolific a problem with either your phone or your cable. Installing PC Suite The installation is pretty straight forward. It appears you put the magical color changing reset capacitor directly on the cable.

But if I want a 9-pin RS serial port, I may need more pins. In your system lrolific you shold see the icons for PC Cku the phone icon and for the Synchronize utility the circle.

Guess the pads were labelled intending to actually go to the mcu. Plug in the USB connector.

Check out his blog too, he posts some cool stuff.