Generic packages with source Before installing this package, make sure that you have the gcc and make packages installed. When he was showing running it under the tap to rinse it off it will cut out within 5 seconds. You can follow the steps on this thread. Skot mskot1 wrote on I have the same problem Lenovo XT, Ubuntu I tried to investigate the problem in order to fix it, however I found I lack of knowledge about complex HDA firmware programing so I withdraw the idea to fix it. And that’s just if the pc is cold.

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Re: ALSA: Conexant CX20585 (thinkpad t510) speaker powersaveregression

Here is the output from alsa-info. Note that this might consume slightly more power.

Something about that frequency seems to make things work. I broke down and installed Windows 7 and my speakers do the same thing.

Somebody can try mailing the author again if they want to. Page History Login to edit.

I have been monitoring how FC behaves in the past couple of days and it worked ok No Asset Tag dmi. Other trademarks belong to their respective owners. Zsolt Lakatos glasius wrote on The problem with the sound is snd-hda-intel driver related I have Windows 7 in dual-boot with OpenSuSe Bernie Asmus bernie-b wrote on Conexant does not provide drivers for Linux, but commercial Linux drivers are available from Linuxant, a separate company. All other sections I can get minutes of sound before it cuts out.


I’ve opened a thread on ubuntu cohexant ALSA driver with improved support for Conexant chipsets. Thanks Rich, “suspend” sudo pm-suspend solves the problem for me.

If you did manually install alsa-driver with the patch above, a reboot of the machine will also be required before installing the HSF driver.

Linux-Kernel Archive: Re: ALSA: Conexant CX (thinkpad t) speaker powersaveregression

Doing this, the sound come back again, even for a while: Same issue with my L Duplicates of this bug Bug Bug Bug Bug If the CPU-Fan on max power the sound goes after a while. Thanks Rich, That’s a little faster than a restart, but still not ideal.

I got exactly the same problem with my Toshiba Satelite L, recently. I was watching one video of someone etching a circuit board. The problem exists for all users of the machine. Conexant drivers provided by Dell full-speed and free Dell provides drivers for the Conexant modems of their Linux-based laptops which should work with almost all Conexant HSF modems [1]. You can follow the steps on this thread.


Sound only works for a few minutes after boot alsa-driver in Ubuntu: Waking up from suspension turns speakers on again.

This hybrid approach has been reported to work you can use cinexant more recent package from Dell instead of the one mentioned in the forum post. Skot mskot1 wrote on This bug affects 28 people. AFTER 2 year usage of my laptop, cause sound chip to cut off speakers. I have this problem long time.