The function of each PCB is listed below. Got a question for HuntOffice? These are integrated to form the cartridge system. The structure of each cassette feeder is the same, and each cassette feeder is equipped with a pick-up assembly and a feeder controller PCB, which controls the operation of the pick-up assembly. When the feeder controller PCB receives the pick-up control signal, the feeder motor M begins to rotate, and the pick-up solenoid is turned ON.

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YES Repair the paper size lever. The BAT1 of the main unit cannot be replaced as a single unit.

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Setting the dialing method No. There have been no reviews. Then, the main motor M stops and it powers down to half-speed 30 seconds after ptint printing operation is completed.

Image processor PCB replacement procedures The procedures which must be performed when replacing the image processor PCB are described below.

Canon GP160

Set up the fax function for those machines equipped with a fax function. At the time of the following sheet pick-up, the jam detection starts within approx.

When the procedure signal sent out by this unit is not properly received by the destination machine, set the number to 2. When copying 2 sheets of A4 size paper.


Once again, if the pick-up sensor does not come ON in the 3 seconds following the activation of the pick-up solenoid, the unit determines that a delay jam has occurred.


The machine should be supplied with power 24 hours a day. In order to clean this toner off, negative voltage is applied at the times below, causing the toner which has adhered to the transfer charging roller to return to the photosensitive drum.

Clearing setting items and numeric for the parameters will set the items to values set at factory shipping. When an error occurs during checking, the test will be aborted and an error message will be indicated on the display.

Do not change these settings. Country version settings When the country version settings are programmed, the standard values for each country are entered in the parameters for 1 SSSW- 4 NCU at one time. The cartridge will deteriorate over time regardless of the number of pages copied.

Check the main motor fault condition by status 8 service technician call status Bit 2. If, during the retry pick-up operation the pick-up sensor does not come ON within approx.

Load paper into the cassette. Paper curl 2 Is the paper very curled?

The paper is picked-up from the top. When the paper lifting plate is locked, place the paper in the cassette. Laser scanner unit 1 Remove the printer from the main body. The fan continues at full speed rotation until printing is finished. The construction of the multi-feeder pick-up drive assembly is illustrated in Figure Are the multifeeder pick-up drive YES Replace damaged assembly gears damaged? Check the connection between conPoor connector 5 NO Connect firmly.


NO Close the cover.

Canon GP160 Toner Cartridge Black 1500A003AA

Is the trouble resolved when the multifeeder pick-up solenoid SL is replaced? There are 4 types of transfer charging roller bias, their respective roles and timings are explained below. When errors occur frequently in receiving due to RTN signal output errors, raise these parameters and ease the RTN signal transmission conditions. Paper leading edge detection Check if there is dirt or scratches prin the copyboard cover, copyboard glass or the white reference plate If there is dirt, ;rint with a mild detergent or alcohol.