The slow mode takes 9 images again but in a larger interval of about 2. A no-nonsense slimline candy bar handset with a great camera including slide system and touch screen menu. If you’re a touch screen-ophobe however you can also use one of the keypad soft keys to bring up an options menu and make your selections that way. Speakerbox Assembly Vibrator is included Alternative names: Reviews Sony Ericsson C review Page 5. Or you can use the stereo Bluetooth variety.

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Sony Ericsson C – Camera Module (Main) 5MP

This is because the outer parts of the screen are taken up by the touch buttons, and the picture has to fit into a smaller area. The camera toolbar gives access to shoot mode, scenes, picture size, focus, flash, self-timer, metering mode, white balance, effects, and camerx Multi Menu. Homepage Register LogIn Last new products.

The trademark red-to-pink conversion that all recent Sony Ericsson cameraphones manifest is kept under control and we see well balanced reds and pinks have a look at the images below. Just joking, even if it’s quite random at times, the one that’s closest to the center of the frame usually gets the focus.

Browsing items on the toolbar reversely should be an option, as with the c90 interfaces of competing brands. The other one concerns the menu one-way layout – to reach the Multi Menu you have to pass all the other settings on the toolbar, as it’s the last item there. There’s a surprise in landscape camera mode the onboard accelerometer automatically switches the orientation for you when the display takes on touch screen abilities to offer eight buttons along the top and bottom of the screen.


The maximum discharge quantity of this article is 3 pieces per customer Please select a quantity The maximum discharge quantity c9002 this article is 3 pieces per customer. The Add position setting in the menu.

Sony Ericsson C902 review

Battery Door also v902 Back-Cover or Lid. Redesigned keypad There is however, as there often is with Sony Ericsson, more. Plus no stabilization can help you if your subjects are moving.

The images are crisp with nice contrast though with an obvious tendency of oversharpened edges, especially in high-contrast areas.

The slow mode takes 9 images again but in a larger interval cajera about 2. Basic music player The music player may not be quite as advanced as those on Sony Ericsson’s Walkman series, but it’s well thought out and really not missing anything essential. The C camera viewfinder with touch controls The camera has the latest user interface.

Sony Ericsson C | TechRadar

There’s also geo-tagging cameera pictures, though since it doesn’t have an onboard GPS it does this by sending location data from network cellsites over the air. Nevertheless, the flash photos came out well and it might be a good trade-off – substituting the xenon flash for a photoflash LED that works in BestPic mode.

But a quick look at the C gives the impression that it’s gone back to basics with a straight-ahead candy bar style handset. The maximum discharge quantity of this article is 3 pieces per customer. Color rendering is relatively good; yet all colors are a bit cold.


Sony Ericsson C902

Last new products. Comments 48 User reviews C The first one is that closing the active lens cover results in loss of the latest settings, unless you have taken a photo with these values.

In fact, the whole phone case slides out to the side to reveal the lens. These include the shoot mode including panorama and frames as well as BestPicflash, face detection, timer, macro and infinite focus, plus white balance and scene selection.

This seems to work quite fine with accurate GPS data in dense city areas, where cell camerra are closely positioned. Co-Brand Label Cybershot Alternative names: Replacement internal Antenna incl.

Intuitive handset The ice blue icons look great and it’s easy and intuitive to use but the way we see it there are two problems with this system, the first being that the ,colour screen is smaller than you would expect and smaller than c02 previous K’s come to that. Saving all the images on the memory card afterwards takes about 15 seconds.

Sony Ericsson’s deal with Blogger means you can immediately create and upload your pics to your blog. The C makes a virtue of its rather plain appearance by being very easy to use and packing in loads of features without appearing to shout about them. Camefa Assembly Vibrator is included Alternative names: