This printer supercedes all that. You can save toner also a lot by selecting dpi and medium or low quality printing. If it ever runs out, buying a new one would actually cost a lot more than the printer itself. That means you can save a lot. This meant I had to update all the devices that connected to wifi but not the printer because it is connected physically.

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The printer cartridges below are compatible with the HL printer. Otherwise, just print on paper and glue it to your cardboard. If you have any issues whatsoever with your products simply call our office and we will sort it out immediately. If you are replacing the whole printer, I upgraded to a wired network Brother printer HLDNwhich means it plugs into the router directly with standard ethernet cable and we can print from any device that connects to the router or wifi.

Seems likely to jam if you switch it on with a job already in the queue – better if it warms up for a few seconds before sending. Therefore buying a new printer is more economical than buying a toner cartirage for this printer.

Please refer to the product manual which you can find by typing “Brother HL pdf” into Google.

Brother HL / HL Reviews –

After 10K to 20K copies you are looking at replacing the drum. A good buy for it’s low cost. I would have to manually print 2 sided pages, and the paper gets jammed very occasionally when printing both sided. Many of the Brother models are very similar so it doesn’t have to h,-2142 the same model.


You might need to replace toner but if the toner is newish, it might be that the drum is somehow wearing out. Have used many Cannon brand printers and inkjets, just like the brother better, good solid workhorse. I got this printer to printerw daily prints quickly and with costs in mind.

This is cheap to buy, and much more economical on the cartridges. For example, I recently changed my wifi name and password and hid the wifi name from view. Two-sided printing becomes an important feature if the printer is located away from the workstation, which is enabled by the wireless feature.

To be honest I don’t really like this printer but it’s hard to kill and the wife seems happy with it.

Brother HL 2142 Toner Cartridges

I rejected the brother because I thought the build was a bit flimsy but mainly because of the split toner cartridge and drum arrangement. Compare the price of our Brother Cartridges to other companies such as Officeworks or Cartridge World and you can bet that our prices for Brother HL printer cartridges will always be lower.

Havent had to replace it yet, so pfinters is lasting a while, but the toner costs almost as much as the printer itself – should still be much more economical than an inkjet.


I have tried and printed upto A4 pages from the original toner cartirage Expeted prints per cartirage is Check that you have installed the cartridge properly in the cartridge casing and that you have inserted the whole cartridge and casing into the printer properly. It’s really only for questions to determine whether the product is good to buy or not. I am very happy with the speed that the machine runs and the clearness and clarity of the print. Select model optional Choose an option HL HL Can’t find my model Your question will be specific to the model that you’ve selected.

That will always be better than asking on here. Scenery73 replied on Dec 06, The trend for new printers is wireless only not “Network” – which is the N in the cabled printer model numbers. This would be the easiest way, rather than me trying to explain in words. No errors or faults at this stage. HL can you print on cardboard?

Cartridge manufacturer price gouging should be banned. Write a review Ask a question. If you are still not sure, do a search on YouTube to see how they do it.

It gives a professional look to my assignments. In my experience toner cartridge needs changing too frequently.