The current settings of the parameters may be found using ndd -get. I called Tyan last week and they informed that the motherboard does support WOL. The format for each entry is offset, name, size, write-mask. Analog Devices’ ADB codec. Tue Jun 21, 4:

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Set to 0 for unlimited bandwidth. Have you tried going into the server’s BIOS setup and verifying that the WOL feature is enabled, and configured to turn the system on when the magic packet is received?? DLSAP address length is 8.

Minimum SDU is 0. The default value is 0 which means that no packages will be lost. If set to N it means that with a probability of 1 out of N a package will be lost not sent to the receiver.

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Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! The PCI bus this device is connected to, implementing the pci-bus interface. I am having a difficult time getting WOL to work on my server. Register info for all registered configuration registers. I am using an Enermax egp-ve it has 2. It could also be bcm5703f jumper setting on the mobo, but a BIOS setting is more likely. The format is a raw Ethernet frame. See gld 7D for more details on the primitives supported by the driver.


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Although the K8T chipset can also be found in enthusiast- and consumer-oriented Athlon 64 platforms, the AMD series chipset used by both Tyan boards is rarely found outside the server and workstation worlds. The chips behind the boards Now that we’ve covered board layouts, it’s time to dig a little deeper and look at some differences between bcm573c chips and chipsets behind each board.

Mon Jun 20, 3: It’s nice of Krogoth to brozdcom in for Chuckula over the holidays. I would send an email to Tyan to verify that it actually works before you do too much, jsut cause the nic CAN do it, doesn’t mean Tyan has wired it for it on the board. Auto-negotiation allows each device to advertise its capabilities and discover those of its peer link partner. All capabilities default to enabled.

It is possible to override the packet by assigning this attribute. Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays.


See attributes 5 for a description of the following attributes:. The Ethernet link that the network device is connected to. Tue Jun 21, 4: Dell returns to the stock market after six years.

VIA’s K8T north bridge. Attribute used to send a packet to the network device. The network interface will limit the rate at which it sends packets to remain below this bandwidth. Where are you sending the magic packet from, relative to the server? The transmit bandwidth of the network interface in bits per second.

Ethernet MAC address of the network interface. The highest common denominator supported by both link partners is automatically selected, yielding the greatest available throughput, while requiring no manual configuration.

Injecting a packet copies the packet data, allowing the caller to reuse or dispose of the buffer used for bdoadcom the packet, after the attribute is written. Analog Devices’ ADB codec. Originally posted by drogo: