Those who already have an ATI or probably should hold off on upgrading to the XT because the and cards are both still extremely competitive with the XT — and cost significantly less. In the PassMark Performance Test suite, this card scored This will be the last high-end. There are some other problems with quality on these drivers. With a faster core frequency usually also comes a faster memory frequency, and indeed the XT is now purring at MHz DDR clock frequency.

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There is one XT configuration available on the market. If you need patch 49 which is not easy to find and the demo benchmarks let me know by email.

Celestica ATI Radeon 9800 XT (AA1000001300) 256 MB DDR SDRAM AGP 4x/8x Graphics adapter

In a well-cooled case, this boost can be well over 30 MHz. What Is Your Company’s Story? Dell returns to the stock market after six years. These two products now crown their own niches: Even more recent games, like Unreal Tournamentcan generate excessive frame rates at resolutions of x with default quality settings. Built From Scratch for Full Independence.

In general, this benchmark works more or less well on these drivers. That is why the R XT easily wins. When it’s rotating slowly, the fan is nearly silent. The clock speed equation The higher clock speeds 9800xr the Radeon XT mean better performance, particularly in the pixel-pushing department. The settings are equal for all the cards tested.


Fan noise is generally generated from the fins themselves, and because this is a larger-than-usual fan, the fins are more substantial than those on smaller devices and hence are less prone to vibration. Numerical results from these benchmarks are then used to extrapolate expected performance across the range of applications a typical user might run.

We wish everyone a joyous holiday season and much success in ! Increase the framebuffer volume. Image quality is subjective, of course, so it is not as easy to draw conclusions based on 98000xt quality as it is to compare two frame rates.

This will be the last high-end. What you are looking 9800xtt is a refresh product, faster clocked and better cooled Radeon Pro with a very nice cooling solution on top of it. Get Permission radeob License or Reproduce this Article.

ATI Radeon XT Graphics Card Reviewed

The newer drivers will be used only in the TR: After all, a monitor set to a refresh rate of 60 Hz can only actually refresh 60 times per second, which means any frame-rate result above this refresh rate would be imperceptible. A jut on the plate is pressed against the PCB part where the core is located. At the same time, the breakaway from the MB card was inconsiderable. A raceon cooler design was first used one and a half years ago on a GeForce4 Ti based card. On the back you can see a copper plate that is pressed against the memory chips with two strainers both sinks are fastened with the screws on top.


Raeon I already mentioned, the cooler is pretty compact and low, that is why it doesn’t lock the first PCI slot. Their response is the upcoming NV High-End and Middle-End respectively.

VSync off, S3TC off in applications. It’s the cheapest desktop graphics product that ATI can deliver at your doorsteps. There was and still is a lot of hype surrounding this USD product as it was supposed to be bundled with Half-life2. The point of using benchmarks in graphics cards reviews is that, in theory, the results should help people make well-informed purchasing decisions.

ATI recommends a watt power supply minimum.