Although the screen resolution on the series is x, it has pixel mapping memory addressing which covers a virtual x desktop. The Eee PC is still an impressive mini notebook or “netbook” for your travel needs, but we hesitate to recommend this particular notebook over the newer Eee PC H which features a larger keyboard, larger screen, and a larger capacity traditional hard drive. Probably one of the most important advantages of the low power usage of the Atom and SSD mix is battery life. Products may not be available in all markets. Archived from the original on 22 March

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The HA comes in three models. Apple iPhone XS Vs. With all models, an external display can be supported through a standard VGA connector. Mobile Computer Hardly a revelatory upgrade, but the Eee PC is still a sterling little laptop — though the bigger battery arguably makes the most difference wsustek battery life than the Intel Atom processor.

Review: Asus Eee PC

A fine improvement over the Eee PCwith longer battery life and sleeker looks – but its rivals are sneaking up on the Eee with every release. It was discovered that the Eee has capacity for a “3GCard” upgrade. Archived from the original on 13 August Probably one of the most important advantages of the low power usage of the Atom asusteo SSD mix is battery life.


Asus homepage Asus notebook section. Asus Eee PC Archived from the original on 29 December saustek Built-in Bluetooth for easy data transfers between devices. Infusion surface with inlaid motifs provides a new level of resilience — providing scratch resistance and a beautiful style that will not fade with time. On the other hand, it is still within reach for individuals who have a use for such a device as well as those who want one strictly for the “cool” factorand is comparable to similar models from its competitors.

Asus Eee PC on Ciao. Newer models added the options of Microsoft Windows operating system and rotating media hard disk drives HDDand initially retailed asuwtek up to euros.

Archived from the original on 27 November 9001 Retrieved 15 July The HA-B has a removable 3-cell battery with a rated 4-hour life per charge, a 1.

Retrieved 27 September The first Eee PC was a milestone in the personal computer business, [2] launching the netbook category of small, low-cost laptops in the West in Japan, subnotebooks had long been a staple in computing.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Like other Eee PC 90x models, it features It looks nicer, has a faster, more efficient CPU and better battery life.

Asus Eee PC 901

Retrieved 7 September It also includes StarSuite 8. As this requires only soldering on a new device without removing an old one, the risk of doing so may be acceptable to some users. Its keyboard is still too small for our liking, but currently it’s the pick of the netbook litter. Reviewers received EeePC systems fitted with asudtek mAh battery but the retail models were equipped with the mAh battery. Archived from the original on 22 November The inch Eee ought to be careful.


According to Asus, the name Eee derives from “the three Es”, an abbreviation of its advertising slogan for the device: The new Eee PC is an impressive update to the Eee PC line, 90 we have trouble getting excited about this mini notebook The problem is that the budget mini notebook market has exploded in recent months, with many capable alternatives on the market. Unfortunately and surprisinglythis is divided among two separate SSDs.

Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Asus Eee PC series models ha, hab, ha, and others use Varta ML or equivalent MaxellSanyo and Panasonic ML lithium ion coin cell rechargeable batteries, terminated with a two-pin Molex connector plug.