You can display a table with these data types only if you exclude these columns from the column list. AQT is packed full of features. Sign up using Email and Password. Signing onto a database is a surprisingly complicated subject — see More info on Database Sign-on for a fuller explanation. By default, AQT will be installed into C:

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If you try to display such columns, AQT will hang or crash.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued aqf of the website is subject to these policies. AQT provides a simple, clean and responsive interface which helps you get your job done fast and efficiently. Phil has solved some pretty difficult problems, above and beyond support you will find anywhere.

Configuring a Database Connection

If you are the DBA then you can bind these by. All Oracle products and AQT will then use this tnsnames.

I’ve used AQT since I first found it at version 6 and could not live without it. When you display a table in AQT, AQT will automatically exclude the user-defined columns from the table display and replace them with the literal ” user-defined type, not displayed “. Try it for free. If you do not have this privilege, the Body Text will display as blank. This can happen due to a bug in the Oracle client in the bit environment. AQT has a simple clean and intuitive interface.


Email Required, but never shown. Please note that the employee id must be unique and non-nullable to qualify as a primary key. In use since and with tens of thousands of licenses sold in over 70 countries, AQT is a solidly proven product.

Oracle – Diagnosing Connection Problems

Select Advanced and fill out the DBName box. Advanced Query Tool is a fast and powerful multi-database query tool. One app for all your databases No other product has AQT’s degree of multi-database support.

Yes, there are other unique constraints, but does that matter?

Novices find AQT easy to learn; experts enjoy the unprecedented visibility of their databases. For information on how to configure a connection to your database, see Configuring a Database Connection.

Brian 2 6 Many things can cause connection problems, most of which are outside the control of AQT:. Our customers vary from individuals with a handful of tables to large enterprises with hundreds of thousands of tables.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Mature, stable and real-world tested In use since and with tens of thousands of licenses sold in over 70 countries, AQT is a solidly proven product. AQT cannot display any columns defined with a user-defined data type.

Connecting to Oracle

orcle A table can only have one primary key. If you are unable to get past the sign-on window then you are having problems with the database connection. Sites with multiple databases appreciate having a single interface for all their databases. Simple and easy to use AQT has a simple clean and intuitive interface. Customer support is beyond the scale.

If you try this you oracls get a message ORA string literal too long. DB2 users will get this if the c: In many cases, connection problems have happened because the wrong tnsnames.