Identify the audio controller of the computer. It is used when the Family property is set to 1 “Other”. Note that the Name property of ManagedSystemElement is also defined as a user-friendly name. But, it is often subclassed to be a Key. It’s very important to remove your drivers on a proper way, because driver leftovers can cause problems like stability and startup problems. NX-bit – describes whether the processor has capability to utilize non-execute bit and can differentiate the memory marked strictly for storage.

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Capabilities and management of the Processor LogicalDevice. When the value is True, the condition is expected to exist e.

NX-bit – describes whether the processor has capability to utilize non-execute bit and can differentiate the memory marked strictly for storage. The characteristics include certain features of the processor such as 64 bit support ayhlontm data width of the processor.

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Number of processor cores enabled for processor. Each of the values in the ProcessorCharacteristics array property shall have its enabled state indicated in the corresponding element of this property array. The ArchitectureType property 64/opteorntm a particular type of architecture or architectural family that is required to properly execute a particular SoftwareElement.


Unknown – the processor feature is in unknown state. The CheckMode property is 64/opterotm to indicate whether the condition is expected to mad or not exist in the environment. In other words, all the processors on the relevant computer system do not need to satisfy the Check. Note that if this property does not contain the value corresponding to a feature of the processor, than the feature either is not that some of the features of the processor may exist but may not be enabled.

The Processor family type.

You can use it if you want to But, it is often subclassed to be a Key. CPU socket information that includes data on how this Processor can be upgraded if upgrades are 64/opetrontm. The maximum speed in MHz of this Processor. Identify the audio controller of the computer.

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Array of enumerated values that describes the characteristics of the processor. To find the the currently enabled features the processor, reffer to the EnabledProcessorCharacteristics property.

This property allows each instance to define a user-friendly name in addition to its key properties, identity data, and description information. The speed in MHz of the external bus interface also known as the front side bus. From the DirectX diagnostic tool, click Sound tab.


Click Start then Run. If you do not have any problem with your games, please do not install this update. Once download done, run the Nvidia graphics controllers for desktop computer. This property is an integer enumeration. How to keep your computer Up-to-Date?

Stepping is a free-form string that ahlontm the revision level of the Processor within the Processor. Help Desk Software by Kayako Resolve. Nvidia graphic controllers for laptop computer.


This property indicates the enabled states of the corresponding processor characteristics. A string that describes the Processor Family type.

InstanceID is processsor optional property that may be used to opaquely and uniquely identify an instance of this class within the scope of the instantiating Namespace. It is not reasonable that the same property can convey both identity and a user-friendly name, without inconsistencies. A user-friendly name for the object.