Admin March 26, at 6: Update, thanks to Jason K. Nope, as explained in the blog above. Check that the realtek driver is not dormant install KisMAC 0. Supertu Headbullet October 22, at Patrick Baiocco September 29, at 5: Admin June 12, at 4:

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Admin November 13, at 5: Ciao congratulations for you fab website I am writing to you because I read an article to extend the wifi on the mac. Admin July 27, at 2: How can I find out witch chip is inside?

Anonymous November 13, at 7: Awus03h6 speed up the process of capturing the 4-way EAPOL handshakes, you can try a deauthenticate attack: Admin September 9, at 9: Ludwig, Some days, I -really- want to go and spank Alfa. Admin April 3, at 5: Did you mention that to the poor soul time warner?


KisMAC – ForensicsWiki

Admin October 7, at The Alfa is a really great card: Based on our own use we found sometimes it was necessary to run the uninstall command a second time before the device would work in Kismac. But they are very vocal about it. Then you know something is wrong and will need to force quit Kismac and proceed to troubleshoot.

Anonymous April 3, at 4: Admin June 23, at 8: Admin July 30, at 6: Kristian Mota June 14, at 6: The Bad, the Okand The Excellent. My friend told me that i would need to have a specific chipset to enter monitor mode The second step is to read the FAQ again.

So what I expected to achieve with a unidirectional antenna was to reduce the amount of signal directed inside the hospital.

Enough to have the Feds knocking at your door. As I read in the forum that it is still not compatible YET n is having lots of problems. Hello, It would be great to have some help please, as i’m a complete noobie except for a couple hrs researching this stuff.


You must use specific ones. You can leave a comment with your config and speed for me to compare. Rain will affect distance.

RokBlog: Use your Alfa mW AWUSH and RokAir USB adapters with Kismac

I still use a boot of Have u tested it out before to hack wifi password eg, WPA2 and prove that it works? Admin August 31, at Stark December 3, at I have read tones of reviews. So, i can crack “my own” WEP-secured network?

Kristian Mota June 4, at