Standalone interface improved to provide more workspace for the analysis results In the VTune Amplifier XE Update 14 standalone interface menu and toolbar layout was improved to provide more vertical space while exploring analysis results. VTune Amplifier installation detects virtual environments and disables sampling drivers installation to avoid system conflicts. If you installed the VTune Amplifier XE on the remote system to a different location and need to specify another temporary directory, you need to set the following environment variable on the host before starting amplxe-gui: See the analysis usage example in the Analyzing an OpenMP and MPI Application web-based tutorial, which provides a hands-on exercise to identify memory utilization inefficiencies and load imbalance for a sample hybrid application. Total column shows the processor time spent on the code line execution and calls from this line, if any. The file name depends on the release, for example magnolia-enterprise-installer

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An editor with similar user-friendly qualities but more features is available and is called aee. Now, VTune Amplifier will automatically turn it off during collection. oinux


To do this, choose the Computing Task grouping level in the Graphics window, select an OpenCL kernel of interest and click the Architecture Diagram tab in the Timeline pane. You can go back llinux the cached sources at any time in the future and explore the performance data collected per code line at that moment of time. New people drop into these places. A pre-built version of the matrix sample application and associated source files are available installed with VTune Amplifier.

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VTune Amplifier automatically enables the driver-less collection if the Intel event-based sampling driver cannot be installed during product installation. General Exploration metrics summary for hardware event-based sampling analysis results in the command line reports Command line reports now provide General Exploration metrics summary for hardware event-based sampling analysis results providing a high-level overview of performance problems.


The Target tab of the Project Properties has been enhanced to specify a path to the VTune Amplifier installed on the remote machine and a path to a remote temporary directory used for storing performance results. Data Conflict – A conflicting data access occurs if another logical processor either reads a location that is part of the transactional region’s write-set or writes a location that is a part of either the read- or write-set of the transactional region.

The -start-paused option was added to exclude application execution from collection from the start to the first collection resume occurrence.

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Clockticks — total number of unhalted cycles collected Transactional Cycles — number of cycles spent during transactions. It identifies how effectively your application uses the hardware platform and displays basic performance enhancement opportunities.

When you open the Source window for this result for the second time and if the source file has been changed, the VTune Amplifier opens the source from the cached file with the proper notification.

The old information would have to be deleted by the user. Get better answers 360s lower overhead. We have guidelines for asking and answering questions. Click the icon to expand the Spin and Overhead Time column and get more details about the reasons for high Spin or Overhead Time values:. The event selection mechanism for custom hardware event based sampling has been extended with filtering options. Improved Frame Rate Histogram representation per frame domain in the Summary Window In case of many frame domains use Domain drop-down menu at Summary pane to choose a frame domain to analyze with the 6300s rate histogram.


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Intel® VTune™ Amplifier Release Notes and New Features

For example, if one instance had a chunk size of and another had a chunk size ofthere would be two entries for the construct with the same name but different sizes in the OpenMP Loop Chunk column.

If startup fails, look for the reason in the report. Installation directory varies from one Linux system to another. Application Performance Snapshot adds utilization of logical vs. User Interface Enhancements General Exploration analysis with confidence indication Some of the metrics in VTune Amplifier views may now be marked as unreliable by greying out the values in the following views: The option syntax is: From the back of the sleeve: Oinux, easier tuning workflow and simplified setup New Platform Profiler.

PC Direct, magazine, cover cd,cd. Enhanced navigation libux the clickable Summary pane Hyperlinks open the Bottom-up view sorted by the selected metric or directly to the selected function or OpenMP region. Function Keys Next Page Move to the next page.