Can you upload to youtube detail video circuit of new prototype driver.. Hello, I am building this circuit. So a little experimentation is the only way to find a setup that works for any given flyback. Hi, could you suggest a flyback to use for this project? I did put a little heatsink and is working fine at least for 2 minutes of continuous operation generating Ozone.

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Standard Monitor Flyback Transformer with new primary.

If you’re getting a itmer signal out of the circuit, you are probably not connected to the correct primary. Above is the Eagle CAD board layout. Input power should be volts, the current draw can reach a few amps. The output voltage depends on the oscillator frequency set it to variable kHz for output voltage fine-tuning trsnsformer, number of primary turns and on the resonant capacity.

The first two drivers on this page drive the flyback in flyback mode, while the last two use push-pull topologies. Surely it cant be to block CEMF?! If tlmer don’t mind, Please link to my blog this URL http: The voltage i can turn from 0 to 32 V, and the flyback stard to make that nice sound, but no arc.

Sorry for so many questions. This is the gate drive waveform while a transformer is connected, flybaack primary is causing some ringing on the oscillator. I tiker a panel mount potentiometer in this case as I had no multiturn 47K pots in stock.


This mean I’m getting about hundred volts. But having experimented a bit, I found that that primary coil draws a boatload of current, in excess of 5 amps. Entire driver assembled in case.

Timer-Based Flyback Transformer Driver « DIY Electronics

Here is a simple timer based flyback transformer driver, with the PCB designed by myself for some HV experiments. What that means is that the mosfet is turned on by the timer, and current starts to flow through the primary winding. There is no way you could find it with ordinary digital multimeter.

You say you used a current limiting resistor during this sort of testing but trznsformer have not specified where you put fluback in the circuit.

I do have a disclaimer up above, but I think I would not want to hear you have been killed by one of my creations. I tried a couple of lantern batteries in series but I seem to get bugger all volts through the circuit and pretty much nothing at the transformer. Your site is interesting. I just need no more than 12 KV to operate a homemade Marx generator.

Flyback driver #2: NE555 quasi-resonant

I dont understand how you tune the frequency. I love the way you explain baesd step. If not what is the function of 55 capacitor? Maybe the flyback it self is having a problem? Give it about 12V and your meter should show some volts when you find the 0V pinout. The circuit seems to be very efficient but the problem is that, the high voltage peaks destroy the transistor and the timer.


Flyback Transformer Driver – Electronics-Lab

I succeeded to get 1,5 cm arcs. Yes, this circuit will work with any kinds of ferrite-core flybacks. Once I came into close proximity with an Ion Cord connected to ground, the voltage starts to drop and forms a small corona in a helium atmosphere. Other method is to create a “tesla coil” which is quite complicated.

I don not understand how this circuit bqsed like that in your case and the others on you tube and in my case i can only burn out components. The ground pin can be found by finding the pin the HV arcs to the most.

Actually, i try to make my self a monster flyback like yours but i can not, I just made the first one based on the transistor.